Strings not attached nsa relationships

strings not attached nsa relationships

Wherever your reasons for seeking a NSA relationship lie, it is crucial for you to reflect on the potential compatible traits of possible NSA partners. A basic definition for a NSA relationship is a situation where any number of consenting adults decide to enter into a sexual, physical relationship with one another that purposely excludes any expectation for or presence of commitment found within traditional relationships.

Naturally, emotional attachment or romantic feelings are also purposely excluded from the relationship. This should be a mutual understanding between the NSA partnerships. The partner or partners you choose to engage in a NSA relationship with should be someone you feel comfortable with. A relationship without commitment is not the same thing as a relationship without any chemistry! In order to maintain emotional distance from your NSA partnership, keep the sexual relationship enjoyable, and prevent any communication problems, you and your chosen partner need to sit down and have an honest discussion about what each of you are or are not comfortable with — this should happen BEFORE moving forward with a NSA relationship.

Important topics you should discuss are: As with any sexual relationship, make sure you are conscious of possible STDS and protection malfunctions. As I said earlier, this is largely uncharted territory — and with that comes the associated stigma. Be prepared for unwelcome judgements and comments from those you decide to tell or those who somehow become aware of your NSA relationship. A unique risk of NSA relationships if the development of emotions between partners. Address this risk through discussing your ideas on what to do should such emotions develop.

Also, talk about what happens if you or your partner meet someone new and want to continue something with them.

Sometimes your needs change, make sure you talk about changes often. Once again, you guys are not dating, so there is no reason for you to plan things together. This makes it more of a relationship than just someone to have sex with. Plans for the distant future imply that there is going to be a future, which can really freak some people out.

This person is not in your life to make plans with and think about a future with. This person is here for your sexual needs. Try to avoid anything that is going to make the relationship more complicated than it needs to be. Seems pretty one-sided if the person is only focusing on themselves and not what you need.

You enjoying the sex and getting something out of it is just as big of a deal. Having an NSA relationship can be tricky at times because we are so obsessed with the idea of being in a relationship and having labels. Nothing has to be more or less serious than you want it to be.

Hopefully, this helps you with your no strings attached relationship! If you liked this article, then please like and share it. If you have any thoughts, then please leave them in the comments section below. I'm an absolute hopeless romantic. I've always loved writing about subjects that will hit close to home, and make people really think more deeply about themselves.

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Strings not attached nsa relationships

: Strings not attached nsa relationships

FIND PARTNER FOR SEX COURTESAN I am just kidding. No attachment sex Submitted by H20Gerl on July 24, - I've considered that I may be a sex addict, but I'm always faithful while in a relationship. If a woman feels "used" afterwards, perhaps that's a sign that she should be more choosy, or even delay a sexual involvement for some time until she's sure about the man's intentions. Naturally, emotional attachment or romantic feelings are also purposely excluded from the relationship. NSA relationships are generally not long-term relationships.
Strings not attached nsa relationships Having sex with someone does not mean that that person is going to automatically fall in love with you. I can honestly say that when I have ex with a man, I never want to see him. Non-functioning, boring, sexless. How to Become a Lion. That generalizing is neither good psychology nor good sociology. When the author says Submitted by severin on November 21, - 1:
Strings not attached nsa relationships But a double standard applied: That generalizing is neither good psychology nor good sociology. She says that it often involves alcohol, and no other forms of intimacy. I am fortunate enough to have a girlfriend who supports me in everything I. It takes away the awkwardness of having to share ourselves with new people if we didn't want to, plus we both know what each other likes and it is just easy and fun. If a woman sleeps around, she's probably going to remain on that wavelength. There is one person who has become both, a friend, and a lover.
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