Nsa hookups craigslist casual dating

nsa hookups craigslist casual dating

Live and let live What people need is discipline, direction, and determination to snap out of addiction, not self indulgence in anonymous sex with strangers or promiscuity,.

Sorry folks, judgment is a vital part of lfe. You do it all the time in fact! His "ivory tower" sure sounds a hell of lot better than your fairy land where Craiglist and these other sites don't exploit the gutter aspect of human nature!

The actual creator of the site is or WAS one of those pie in the sky idealists who think his overly optimistic beliefs about humans trumps reality.

I am glad that they shut down the sleazy craigslist personals. Exactly why do you care about what I think? I have an opinion and I express it on this open forum. I see Craigslist personals and other hookup sites detrimental to gays' mental health and I am glad the Craigslist owner decided to shut down the site. Heed your own advice and don't be judgmental. Im calling you out because you sit in judgement of others and make strong statement regarding there choices on this forum.

But I shouldn't be shocked. It's the nature of the addiction that CL and similar sites lead to or encourage. It's no accident either. And sadly, sex addiction is closely related to drug addiction.

Needless to say, both are available in abundance on sites like CL. And trust me, the pimps and drug dealers know this. Any gay guy who thinks that scene is pro them is delusional! It's not pro straight per se, but it certianly doesn't help young gay people develop in a healthy way. What an eloquent response! It saddens me how much the mantra of "consenting adults" has led so many into a little deluded bubble where nothing can go wrong and real life is like sex in the city or an episode of friends.

Oh how quickly things can go from "consent" to the opposite. You should taker the stick out of your butt and try a cock. It's the only people who are still homphobic are hiding something.

What a nasty thing to say! There is nothing I can say I like about the site. Use the hookup apps if you have to. Unfortunately it was not a satire and it was not a laughing matter. Anonymous sex hookups are dangerous and make a person feel lonely and unloved. So, what about all the others Would like to know who is behind this. That said, Craigslist could conceivably allow users to create personals using a defined set of phrases and words.

They were already doing this to report stats. It really is the end of an era. Hello;And I can answer your question,it was Rep. Anne Wagner R Missouri And every time that I saw these types of post I Flagged they're post for removal,because those types of people are the cause of problems on the CL Personals. So now the younger guy has been corrupted into asking every guy for money in exchange for sex. Seems like casual encounters is still working in Canada.

I guess this was coming; Personal encounters and sex, and ads is now illegal in the United States. Skip to main content. David Lopez March 22, All this is-is an attack at gay people another win for the Christians and terrorist Muslims. The use of these apps to find love, sex, or both has become commonplace and, increasingly, the preferred way for young people to communicate.

What ever happened to meeting someone IRL? Bear with us here; we know this sounds revolutionary. A bar, or pub short for public house!

Alcohol is a social lubricant. Believe it or not, people used to go to bars exclusively to socialize with other people all the time! It sounds scary, but we think you can do it. Plus everyone is sweaty, and sweaty is kind of sexy, right? The Amish must be kinky.

Because the pen is mightier than Book clubs are overrated. Just scratch the others and go to a bar. Back to the bar, bro.

Nsa hookups craigslist casual dating

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