Hookups app blue escorts

hookups app blue escorts

No idea whatd be like if I went back to it now but I bet there's still tens of thousands of profiles I haven't encountered. Women use Tantan to practice their English, make friends and sometimes, just sometimes find a boyfriend.

I had thousands of matches that went nowhere. Girls would talk to me just to practice their English, when I asked to meet they always would have some kind of excuse. If I connected with someone I would talk with them for a bit but they would eventually lose interest in me as they would find some other guy on Tantan that grabbed their intention.

I have been on three dates with that app. Only one lead anywhere. I honestly have much better luck at a club or even supermarket picking up girls. Back home I did pretty well with Tinder, not so much here. What confuses me is when I meet foreigners who talk about how they are bedding girls every night on the app. I feel they are lying because these people don't seem good looking nor in good shape, but I sometimes think "what if?

I've had a couple of hookup opportunities out of hundreds of matches, but never pulled the trigger. Got a few escort numbers. A few who wanted to be my mistress in exchange for rent. And one who didn't want to have sex with me, but wanted to be in the room while I had sex with someone else.

Would she be willing to pay you to watch you have sex with someone else? Cause that could probably cover the rent of one of these other girls. She was willing, but her budget was I was thinking of getting one of the escorts I'd met, but then just decided to drop the whole thing.

Tinder girls usually are often Chinese that studied abroad, can speak english, or other expats you can relate to. Ah interesting, right now I'm trying to stick with either Chinese who studied abroad or foreigners. In your experience what is the foreign to Chinese ratio using tinder? I live in xian. Tantan is prime bro. I've had tons of girls that want to meet up. Sometimes we go out a few times.

Sometimes it's a ONS. Sometimes there is no chemistry. But you have to be really forward. I cut the small talk and just ask them out. I've even had a girlfriend from tantan. Tinder on the other hand is just so so. Not so many people on the app here. If I go on I get like 3 or 4 people a day before it says there is no one near around. Tried Tantan on my university campus but gave up after a couple months because the girls said they were always too busy to meet up.

My friends had more success using Tantan in the more central districts of Chongqing, though. Once had a girl start a conversation with me on wechat's people nearby by saying she heard foreigners had big dicks. Asked to see mine, I said not for free, and she then proceeded to send some very explicit imagery my way.

Never met in person, though I did meet my current girlfriend on People Nearby. We didn't start by sexting though Just chatted about mutual interests and realised we had a lot in common. Tried it back when it was new over 3 years ago. Back then it was like fishing with dynamite, because it was the new thing Tinder for China , and all the girls were playing it like Pokemon. Met a lot of girls almost effortlessly, of course being a foreign white dude helped the odds a bit. Had a couple girls that clearly were just looking for dudes to spoil her on gifts and fancy dinners.

One freaked the fuck out when I took her to a nice cozy little Italian diner on the 2nd date, instead of some 5 star steak and wine dinner she expects. However, my financee and I met on Tantan, and have been together close to 3 years.

So it's been quite a success for me. I don't know how it is these days, but I doubt you'll find the success early users once had, as the male to female ratio is crazy high, and most of the casual users dropped it after having thousands of guys always asking them for sex. A lot of the regulars on the app are just there to chat, and not looking for hookups or anything serious.

Don't wanna try it because I teach at a university, live in a university area, have no interest in dating any students who study at my university, don't want my students to know I'm on the hunt and am 1 of maybe white guys in my area below the age of 50 and 1 of maybe 3 below the age of 30, so I'm too easy to recognise.

I often used TanTan when I traveled to nearby cities on weekends. It worked really well, there was always some local girls willing to take you out and show you around, pay for your dinner etc.

Some would even follow me back to my hotel afterwards. I lived and worked in a tier 4 city with only about 10 other foreigners. By the end of the year, I had thousands of matches and had made some amazing friends through TanTan.

Chinese girls really love tall white guys with blue eyes. God bless that app. Thanks, been having a hard past few days and that gave me a chuckle. Did you end up meeting this laduzi loving lady? I think that might be the way it is for every woman on these things saying this as a man though. The one girl I met and dated for a month from Tantan said that literally everyone she liked was a match.

If I did what she did carefully sort through profiles over the span of a day I doubt I would have ever gotten any matches, let alone met her. Note I am probably an exception because I'm a black female and I decided to give it a try because my ex was Chinese and I was open to meeting new people. I'm turned off all the tantan crowd. One was a professor and the other two were married and told me they had unhappy marriages. The conversation wasn't moving along, he could hardly understand me and we kept switching phones for translation.

Plus at the end found out he was married. I love swiping in Shanghai though! As for tantan I have gotten over likes so I guess that made up for it haha.

I know it doesn't mean anything. Very interesting hearing from the other side of the isle. I got ish likes over the span of two weeks but ever since I started using it again a week ago took a break for a month and deleted the app I haven't gotten anything at all. I am American and met a Chinese girl who eventually became my Gf on Momo. Most girls want to "talk" to practice English which basically entails four sentence conversations of "Hi I'm Tina" "Are you American?

Want to be friend? I tried to use what Chinese I was learning at the time but most people most patience with me or resorted to only using Chinese and I could barely keep up with a translator.

The apps have changed and progressed over the years. Here's an up to date article describing the differences. Mainly, I think tantan is more like tinder where Momo is more like plenty of fish now. Momo turned to live streaming-only this year, after live streaming came much more popular and ridiculously profitable - the searching for people nearby and dating aspect of Momo was shut down. Tantan is still for dating as always and still has a decent user base, but it came under the same kind of attack as Momo did years ago from the government - that it was getting seen as too much of a dating app and the government didn't want people talking about sex or one night stands.

So Momo back in the time and now Tantan have strong surveillance over what you might say in chat - not spying, but you can be banned permanently for asking someone out for an ONS or talking about sex IF the person reports you. Obviously you won't have trouble if the other person is receptive. But I've seen at least three people get their account deleted and phone number blacklisted right on their first day using it because they were too direct looking for hookups and got reported for looking for sex.

Incredibly easy to waste time on as most girls are willing to have a chat. Doesn't necessarily mean they will convert though. Momo has changed quite a bit from being a notorious hookup app plagued with prostitutes to a video sharing and live streaming app. Tantan is just the same as tinder and as a result, is more anonymous where Momo your profile and information is public and welcome to stalkers.

I learned lot of my Chinese from just chatting with girls on these apps with their refusal to use English once they found out I can speak some chinese. Once i was able to start to able to easily read several girls profiles over a short period of time and things went quicker, the more I saw that these girls were either gold diggers or just way to boring to be considered someone I would call my girlfriend. Had plenty of hookups sometimes by chance and others with a little effort.

But thinking back to it the amount of time i spent having dates wasn't well proportioned to the amount of time i spent chasing that tail. Actually I had a few matches while in China, however back in Taiwan, while there are girls on the app, practically no matches here.

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I downloaded this app yesterday afternoon. Note I am probably an exception because I'm a black female and I decided to give it a try because my ex was Chinese and I was open to meeting new people. That should take care of it. Back home I did pretty well with Tinder, not so much. Would she be willing to pay you to watch you have sex with someone else? Hookups app blue escorts