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A diverse range of fauna species has been identified near the reserves, including 23 fauna species listed as threatened in Victoria and three nationally vulnerable. Bairnsdale experiences a temperate climate with warm summers and cool, damp winters. The highest recorded temperature in the town was Some of the earlier buildings in the town are perhaps a memorial to William J.

Yates, who was a prominent architect, builder and monumental mason. St Mary's Roman Catholic Church was well established when a new church building was opened on 29 April There were about pupils in The architects were A. Fritsch and Harry French. The new church with its tower, described by a witness as, "a free treatment of Romanesque style, built of brick with a slate roof". Bairnsdale experienced growth in church numbers in the s, many of them frequently recording packed congregations, particularly on special occasions.

Hartmann who later lost his life crossing the flooded Mitchell River. Hindley, under whom a new brick church was built still on the corner of Main and Pyke Streets and opened by Bishop Moorhouse on 24 June The rotunda was constructed in and restored to its present condition in In the erection of a monument at the eastern end of the gardens to the district centenary led to that section being called the Centenary Garden.

From under the care of the town's head gardeners, E. Harrison, the gardens had been extended westward with the planting of hardy trees, in particular desert ash and flowering gum. To commemorate those locals who did not return from the Boer War in , a monument was unveiled in the Main Street Gardens on 12 June in the presence of Lord and Lady Forrest , a number of returned men, school cadets and a large crowd of citizens.

The Bairnsdale cemetery is now located off Forge Creek road opposite the race course. Its original location was situated at punt flat, now the site of the Mitchell Gardens Holiday Park beside the river. A plaque in acknowledgement of the site is located at the south-east corner of the Caravan Park.

As a result of the major flooding in the site experienced erosion and reports were made that remains were washed downstream.

As far back as the s the cemetery was frequently criticised for its untidy appearance. It was proposed around this time that the cemetery be removed from the overseer of the council and transferred to the care of the different denominations.

This was not adopted. In control of the cemetery was transferred to a community based trust. Frederick Jones was the earliest of the squatters in the Bairnsdale Shire. Jones had previously been a school teacher in Castlereagh Street , Sydney.

In the early s Jones joined one of the early pastoralists in the Gippsland area, William Odell Raymond, at Omeo —he was traveling south from the Wellington area where he owned land on the Macquarie River across the border in New South Wales. They arrived at the Mitchell River crossing on 20 June Once in the region Jones decided to take up the area of Lucknow. He named it such, in contrast to the other settlers Frederick Taylor and John M.

Loughnan who had taken up Lindenow—the reason being that Jones had left Sydney a poor man and he felt auspicious about his new life and hence felt his 'luck' was on the ascendancy. In John Archer who was a retired sea-captain was appointed manager of Lucknow Station. Archer had been a master on the Letitia which operated between Sydney and Hobart and, later, traded cattle between Port Albert and Hobart.

In Archer married a young girl named Eliza and brought her to Gippsland, settling at Lucknow in Eliza died in childbirth and her grave can still be seen to this day by the roadside in Crooke Street, East Bairnsdale. The inscription on the headstone reads 'Sown in weakness, to be raised in power'. Educational facilities in Bairnsdale include two high schools. The government funded Bairnsdale Secondary College , with approximately 1, students, was formed in as a merger of two separate high schools: Nagle College , which has about 1, students, was founded in by the Presentation Sisters holds to a Catholic tradition.

Bairnsdale established a reputation as a marketing and trading centre for the large rural area of East Gippsland and this has been helped by the development of excellent road systems, a good railway service and to some extent steamer and air services. The brick Bairnsdale railway station opened in with other platforms and railway infrastructure being completed at the same time. Shipping services from Bairnsdale to metropolitan areas linked with the railway so local primary producers could send their goods off to the markets in the major centre of Melbourne.

As a consequence of the more frequent use of rail and the advent of refrigerated carts in which allowed dairy farmers and fishermen to appropriately transport their produce, the last coach service between Sale and Bairnsdale ran in The contemporary rail transport system is still facilitated by the major railway station in Bairnsdale railway station which is the terminus of the Bairnsdale railway line. Performance figures for for services to Bairnsdale long-distance service ran at In comparison with figures from May to December , the average reliability and punctuality are both down just 0.

Currently, Bairnsdale Cabs provides a local taxi service around the city. One of the major recreational transport infrastructure systems in the city is the East Gippsland Rail Trail which begins in at the entrance to East Bairnsdale adjacent to Howitt Park. The track consists of asphalt that extends to Nicholson where it then becomes a track made from hard base gravel that forms a solid surface.

Almost kilometres 62 miles in length, the multi-use trail permits running, walking, cycling and horse-riding as it follows the alignment of the former railway line to Orbost. The Bairnsdale section of the track is relatively straight, long and flat and takes users over two small bridges and crosses Phillips Lane and Morrisson Road before it intersects with the Princes Highway, which was given that name in when the Country Roads Board assumed control of the whole length of highway between Melbourne and Eden.

In this time, the aerodrome which is located on Bengworden Road was used as an extension to the nearby East Sale R. Base and was home to 3, men. The main purpose of the facility was for reconnaissance missions and navigational training over Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea. Earlier back in a suitable site for the aerodrome was required, with the racecourse suggested but deemed unsuitable. In submissions were made to the Civil Aviation Department to select a site.

In mid the boundaries of the Aerodrome were established and buildings were erected. By the buildings were sold, dismantled and transported to the Woomera Project in South Australia. The Commonwealth Government gave high priority to developing new coastal airbases at Mallacoota and Bairnsdale to assist in protecting shipping lanes in Bass Strait. The base became fully operational in May with the arrival of the No. At the same time the new Bristol Beaufort bombers were moved to Bairnsdale in June There were 53 crashes with aircraft being lost at sea and 71 airmen killed and others injured.

Adding to this were 12 Hudson crews and ground staff dispatched during December to assist in New Guinea by dropping supplies to ground troops in the Buna area. Two Hudsons were lost with four men killed in action and a further four being seriously injured. Before the end of the war 87 lives were lost at Bairnsdale owing to crashes or missing aircraft.

In total there were aircraft based at Bairnsdale. Since then the West Sale Airport has been used extensively for this purpose. Currently the aerodrome's facilities support a number of commercial aviation enterprises, including aerial firefighting, corporate charter, aircraft support services such as fleet maintenance, and medical services such as air ambulance and courier services.

Plans were put forward in for the town's water supply and tanks were erected in Main Street from which residents could draw water. Grainger who designed the new Princes Bridge in Melbourne delivered plans to build a reservoir west of the township and for this to be connected to a pumping-plant and an elevated tank in the town itself. The pipes were laid by soon after with John Jefferson appointed the engineer of the works.

By reticulation of the town was ready to take place. An upgrade to the station in included installation of a new, larger cylindrical, concrete tank with a capacity of , imperial gallons 1. At the time this tank was a pioneering example in the state of reinforced concrete construction for water tank construction. In a dosing shed was added to the tank for chemical treatment of the water supply. A new cylindrical, concrete pump house was also added in , which initially housed a steam-driven pump but from housed a pair of newly invented electrically-powered X-pumps.

In order to supply a more consistent water pressure a reinforced concrete water tower was also built in Main Street in — In another pump house with five electric booster pumps was built on the upper level. A workshop was added in the s.

The pumping station continued to operate until the s, when the new Woodglen storage basin at Glenaladale was complete. With the increasing demand for water during the s the Water Trust went ahead with plans to install a clarification plant and to set up a megalitre basin at Wy Yung that was to be linked with the already existing system.

Plans were also slated for an additional storage basin to be built on the Mitchell River at Glenaladale. The basin at Wy Yung was opened on 8 November To ensure long-term drinking water supplies, a major additional drinking water storage and water treatment plant located northwest of Bairnsdale at Woodglen entered service in mid, providing a significant boost to long-term water security for the region. This facility supplements Woodglen's original megalitre storage.

Bairnsdale's local newspapers are the Bairnsdale Advertiser for sale on Mondays and Fridays and East Gippsland News delivered free on Wednesday every week. Both publications along with several others are owned and published by East Gippsland Newspapers. The printer has in past years also printed several books for local writers.

Television was introduced to Bairnsdale in when John Porter erected the first antenna in the town. All the commercial stations are based in Traralgon and have local commercials placed on their broadcasts.

Local commercial radio services TRFM In May a uniform consisting of a blue-and-white jersey, blue knickerbockers, red stockings and cap and a red sash was adopted, giving birth to the name the "Red-legs" for the team. The first match played in team uniform was against Essendon. Matches between Bairnsdale, Sale and Maffra were also played around Bairnsdale won the Premiership against Sale in , , and Premierships were also won in , , , and with Doug Potter as captain.

There were also other teams in Bairnsdale consisting of the Fire Brigade, Bruthen, Sarsfield, Cunningham and other nearby districts. Cricket teams were set up in the s with a women's cricket team developed in The depression years hindered the progress of inter-town matches being developed over any length of time.

Several matches were played between metropolitan teams and with the establishment of better rail services and a universal half-holiday on Saturdays, district cricket tended to improve. Bairnsdale has a horse racing club , the Bairnsdale Racing Club, which schedules around eight race meetings a year including the Bairnsdale Cup meeting usually held on the first Sunday in January. With its close proximity to the Gippsland Lakes and Ninety Mile Beach , along with easy access to the Mitchell, Nicholson and Tambo rivers; Bairnsdale proves to be a popular destination for recreational anglers and good catches are reported regularly.

Bait and tackle supplies, along with the required angling licenses are readily available in Bairnsdale. Bairnsdale is also home to the Bairnsdale aquatic and recreation centre BARC which is the largest indoor sports complex in country Victoria and contains 2 swimming pools, 3 basketball courts, several gym rooms and the Forge theatre.

Internally clean and tight Miss Duckitt's book, first published , was immensely successful, with editions appearing regularly until , if not later. Regarded as the Mrs Beeton of South Africa, her cookery books introduced many to the culinary traditions of the "old Cape families of Dutch descent" who often had Malay and Indian cooks.

Recipes for food, househol Edgewear to top and tail of spine. Internally clean and tight Francatelli, "pupil of the celebrated Careme, seven years chef de cuisine to the Reform Club, and Maitre d'Hotel and chief cook" to Queen Victoria, explains in his preface that he has been prevailed upon to write a book less complicated than his "Modern Cook" and consequently, more economical.

Notable recipes include a Christmas raised pie, fruit je London, National Temperance Society: Internally very clean and tight "The object of this work is to ascertain the part which Drink has played in the individual and national life of the English people" begins Richard Valpy French in this publication from the National Temperance Society. Interesting and often quoted.

Some edgewear otherwise a clean, tight copy Kenney Herbert, whose pen name was Wyvern, spent many years in India and was an officer in the Madras Cavalry. During his time there he contributed many articles on cooking to local newspapers and after returning to London started a cookery school. He published many books on cookery. This one is less interesting than his earlier offerings which offer a glimpse into the social customs and diet of the British Ra Binding a little worn, with edgewear to extremities,but binding sound.

The top 5cm of ffep is loose and one section around recipe is slightly loose, but secure. Probably the best of the early Australian cookery books. Hannah Maclurcan, nee Phillips, at 17 was managing the Club Hotel at Toowoomba for her father, and after Mrs Marshall ran a successful cookery school and marketed a variety of foodstuffs and kitchen equipment, of which there are excellent illustrations in the advertisements at rear.

Particularly interesting are the chapters on freezing of ices equipment illustrated and the remarks on the art of Minor age-browning to some pages. Last section is slightly loose, though secure protein for vegetarians. London, John Murray, Albermarle St: Contents are internally clean and binding is now sound, although some sections are offset and several showing edgewear from when the book was previously loosely bound.

Mrs Maria Eliza Rundell published her famous work in It was the earliest and most popular household manual of the 19th century, going into about 70 editions.

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